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Evacuated Bead Supports

Evacuated Bead Supports from Rycol Medical in Ireland
New heavy duty lightweight materials Inner lining prevents pump blockage/bead spillage Welded seams to prevent contamination Wipe clean waterproof outer Reuseable...

Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs

Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs available from Rycol Medical in Ireland
Teasdale anti static Pneumatic Tourniquet Cuffs are manufactured: Outer: Anti static Neoprene coated onto a high tenacity nylon weave. Interior: Radio frequency welded polyurethane....

Retainers and Tube Holders

Theatre Accessories available from Rycol Medical in Ireland
Arm/Leg Retainers and Anaesthetic Tube Holders are manufactured from Polycarbonate giving various benefits:

Theatre Mattresses

Theatre Mattresses available from Rycol Medical in Ireland
Theatre Mattresses are manufactured from Polyurethane interiors with an anti static Neoprene covering or a wipe clean vapour permeable multi stretch Polyurethane...

Transoft Fibre Care

Transoft Fibre Care products available from Rycol Medical in Ireland
Transoft Fibre Care is a specially designed range of products that gives comfort, pressure redistribution and reduces ‘shear stress’ in the possible early stages of the development of...
5 found
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