OT-lights with LED technology

  • 160.000 Lux
  • Focusable size of the light field
  • Combine LED 5 MC / SC / Smart


During development high attention was paid to the performance of the new LED OT-lights in laminar-flow ceiling systems. The flow-enhancing ring form of all light heads and the minimal surface create a perfect laminar flow performance.



Or wall panes offers flexibility according to the surgeons needs: switching on and off, illumination in depth, laser pointer, electronic light intensity control, endo-light, changing the colour or sync function. Here all functions are bundled efficiently.



All functions can be set by the sterilisable handle. Turning the handle or the ring at the top of the handle (depending on the model) allows the surgeon to merge the light fields, change the colour temperature, illuminate in depth and activate the laser pointer. All functions and settings take place in the sterile area.

LED 5 and LED 5 Operating Theater Light available from Rycol Medical in Ireland
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