The need for a spine surgery to correct Adolescent Idiopathic AIS) can be a difficult process.The ApiFix System is indicated for AIS patients with deformity classified as Lenke type 1 and 5 and a Cobb angle from 40 to 60 degrees. Both major and secondary curves must be flexible, confirmed using Lateral Bending X-rays, in order to allow gradual correction over time.

For patients with these indications, the surgical procedure is very minimal, compared to the traditional standard care. The small implant is attached to the spine at the apex of the major curve using only two screws. This is a short and comparatively simple procedure that takes about one hour. On completion of the procedure, the patient returns home after a short hospitalization period (2-3 days).

The ApiFix System case study from Rycol Medical in Ireland

Two weeks after the operation the patient receives a physical therapy regimen that needs to be performed in order to gradually activate the implant. There are five simple exercises to be repeated on a daily basis for 20 minutes. The ApiFix system captures every minor incremental correction and therefore, every correction stage begins from a better point.

Conventional Scoliosis Treatment vs. The ApiFix System

Typical Standard Scoliosis Case Typical ApiFix Case
Incision length ~45 cm ~10 cm
Surgery time 4-6 hours ~1 hour
Hospitalization 6-7 days 2-3 days
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